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Moore, O'Brien & Foti -- Personal Injury Firm

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Moore, O'Brien & Foti 891 Straits Turnpike Middlebury, CT 06762 Phone: 203-651-7096 Fax: 203-272-9273 Business Hours: Monday 9AM–5PM Tuesday 9AM–5PM Wednesday 9AM–5PM Thursday READ MORE

Minnella, Tramuta & Edwards, Attorneys At Law

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Minnella, Tramuta & Edwards, Attorneys At Law 40 Middlebury Road Middlebury, CT 06762 Phone: (203) 573-1411 Criminal Law | DUI | Personal Injury | Real Estate | Family Law | Business Law | Proba READ MORE

Shea Paul J

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Shea Paul J 104 Woodfield Dr Middlebury, CT 06762 (203) 758-2448 READ MORE

Tzepos George C

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Tzepos George C 444 Middlebury Rd Middlebury, CT 06762 United States Phone: +1 203-598-0520 READ MORE

The Law Offices of James A. Mulhall, Jr.

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The Law Offices of James A. Mulhall, Jr. Village Square, 530 Middlebury Road Suite 106b Middlebury, CT 06762 | USA Phone: 203-527-3055 READ MORE

Paul Niesobecki Law Offices

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Paul Niesobecki Law Offices 459 Middlebury Rd Middlebury, CT 06762 Phone: +1 203-598-7200 READ MORE

Candice T Graziano Law Office

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Candice T Graziano Law Office 530 Middlebury Rd # 214B Middlebury, CT 06762 Phone: (203) 577-2208 READ MORE

Senich Law Firm LLC: Senich Jack

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Senich Law Firm LLC: Senich Jack 390 Middlebury Rd # 3 Middlebury, CT 06762 Phone: (203) 598-7534 READ MORE

Bradley Morris Law Offices

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Bradley Morris Law Offices 44 Watertown Road Middlebury, CT 06762 Phone: (203) 577-3330 Fax: (203) 577-3331 READ MORE

Sachner & O'Connor

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Sachner & O'Connor The Crossroads West 765 Straits Turnpike Building 2, Suite 2000 P.O. Box 1323 Middlebury, Connecticut 06762-1323 Phone Number: (203) 598-7585 Fax Number: (203) 598-7595 READ MORE

Minchella & Associates, L.L.C.

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Minchella & Associates, L.L.C. Suite 209B 530 Middlebury Road Middlebury, Connecticut 06762 Phone: 203.758.1069 Fax: 203.758.2074 Email: info@minchellalaw.com READ MORE

Duffy & Fasano

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Duffy & Fasano 1625 Straits Turnpike Suite 307 Middlebury, CT 06762 Phone: 203-598-7500 Fax 1: 203-758-8600 Fax 2: 203-758-8700 READ MORE
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