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The Boston Spirits Walking Tour
Dare to look for these and other Boston Spirits on this 90 minute tour.
We meet at Boston Common Visitor Information Center,
148 Tremont Street, on selected evenings at 8:00 p.m.

This unique tour takes you to downtown Boston's most infamous haunted locations.

Will you glimpse the roaming spirits of witches and other "undesirables" hanged and buried in the Boston Common? Will you be grabbed from behind by the ghost of the Central Burying Ground?

After fleeing the burial ground, you will make your way across the Common and into the well-lit and beautifully manicured confines of the Public Garden. Nothing bad could happen here. It's too upper crust to allow such petty thoughts of unquiet spirits and unmarked graves. As if sensing your returning bravery, you are led over to the statue of a cherub that stands stoically in a fountain near the Arlington Street entrance. Nothing bad could happen here.... Unless, of course, you, too, can see the two elderly ladies - the legendary "Proper Bostonians" - dressed in the style of the 1930s coming over from the Ritz Carlton. Just like they've been doing for the past 60 years. Sometimes they stop and smile hello. Just before they disappear into thin air.

As we pass by some of Boston's most historic buildings, hear the true stories of the spirits who haunt them. We lead you to a harmless-looking stone building just down the street from the State House.

It's the Boston Athenaeum, home to more than 700,000 books, including original works by George Washington, as well as the bibles that King James sent to the colonists to try and turn them to religion instead of revolution. The athenaeum was also once home to a literary circle of well-known authors, including Nathaniel Hawthorne, no stranger to the supernatural himself.

It seems that Hawthorne had a special relationship with this book-filled building. A relationship with the ghost of a man who, to this day, still calls for the elevator to come to the third floor to get him. The Boston Athenaeum is said to be haunted by the scholarly Rev. Harris, who was seen there by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Next explore the confines of the Omni Parker House, with stories of hotel founder Harvey Parker, a man who cared so much about his clientele that he is said to still look after them personally, more than 100 years after his death. Perhaps you will meet the proper Bostonian Harvey Parker... over a hundred years after his death!

All these frights, and many more, await you at...

New England Ghost Tours


New England Ghost Tours - Bus Tours

We also offer bus tours to groups of 30 or more. Advance, prepaid reservations required. Each bus tour is approximately 3 1/2 hours long. Both day and evening tours are available. N.E.G.T. will provide the speaker and bus service. Your group's own bus may be substituted at a reduced cost. A luncheon at a haunted restaurant can be provided for an additional charge. Call us to arrange your group's tour today!

Witches, Wizards and Pirates

This popular bus tour takes you to the coastal towns of Salem and Marblehead, along Massachusetts' scenic North Shore. In Salem, the Witch City, search for the ghost of the accused witch Giles Corey, floating among the headstones of the Howard Street Cemetery. Visit the haunted Joshua Ward House, built in 1784.

In picturesque Marblehead you will hear the horrifying tales of the Screeching Lady Beach and the beast of Baker's Island. Walk with us through the Old Burial Hill, high above Marblehead Harbor. From here, on stormy nights, the wizard Diamond can still be heard commanding ships at sea into safe harbor! And can you smell the rose water made by Aunt Creese on the haunted lane?

Colonial and Native American Spirits

On this bus tour you will visit the colonial towns of Concord, Littleton and Groton, Massachusetts. We begin at the Colonial Inn, Concord, built in 1716. It was the home of Dr. Timothy Minot, who treated casualties of the Revolutionary War, and who is still making house calls today! In Littleton, another eighteenth century doctor roams—this time through a graveyard, searching for his betrothed. Hear the story of the Native American Bearman— half man, half bear—whose footsteps have been seen in a place called Scratch Flat.

We conclude the tour at the Stagecoach Inn and Tavern in Groton, built in 1675. This beautiful old building houses several spirits, chief among them the murdered mother and child who are seen in the dining room.

New England Ghost Tours
recreates the stories of actual haunted sites in New England in a way that gives an all too real experience of the time period and characters. Tours are both enlightening and entertaining. They appeal to a large variety of people with a love of New England folklore, an appreciation for the historic buildings and scenery of New England, and a little adventure for the paranormal. Your tour guide explains the unearthly details at each site, and you will experience...well, who can say?
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