Paranormal Awareness Society

Paranormal Awareness Society

The purpose of the Paranormal Awareness Society, Corp. (PASC - aka PAS) is to educate and assist the public in all related paranormal fields. PASC conducts seminars, investigations at client's request, and meet on a monthly basis.

PASC founders bring to this field an extensive knowledge on personal paranormal accounts. In addition, Bill is a Certified Parapsychologist, Paranormal Investigator, EVP-ITC Technician, and a horror/thriller author who has combined fiction and actual paranormal experiences into his book ìRest in Peace;î Lourdes is a Certified EVP Technician and Paranormal Investigator and an active member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena. Our investigators are also receiving their Paranormal Certifications (for updates click here). We sift the evidence and honestly guide our clients to a comfortable level, giving them the confidence to seek the proper guidance when a haunting is present. PASC offers continued support as requested by the clients for as long as they need it.

PASC investigators are a group of individuals committed to help out the community not only in the paranormal field but giving a hand whenever is needed. They range from all walks of life and their Resumes span to a vast amount of intellectual and spiritual abilities. It is the right team for every paranormal calling. We are commencing to pave the way for South Florida Paranormal Research Center© with full-staff researchers and a vast of committed volunteers, ready to help. It is not their titles or certificates they have successfully acquired, but their ethics and commitment towards the community that makes PASC a successful family!!

PASC does not charge for any of its investigations.

PASC does not accept donations from its clients for any services performed.

PASC does not discriminate on religious belief, but enforces onto its members complete professionalism, confidentiality, the utmost respect to its clients and other members, and continued education in the paranormal field. Our motto is


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