10 Steps Before You Start a Home Business
10 Steps Before You Start a Home Business
By Randy Duermyer

Step 1: Decide What Products You Will Sell or Services You Will Provide
Carefully consider these questions:
* What do you have to offer?
* What makes you an expert?
* Do you have all of the education and skills you'll need to compete successfully in the marketplace or will you need to do some brushing up or retraining first?
* Does the product or service meet a need?
* Is this a seasonal product or service, or can you market it all year long?
* How sensitive is marketing this product or service to general economic conditions? When the economy is weak, how do you think your business will be affected?
* Will you be energized by doing this - is it something you'll love to do or sell - or are you just going through the motions to try to make some money?

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Your 10 steps to start home based businesses is so incredible. Thanks for the TIPS.

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