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Affiliate Fuel was created on a simple premise: Unless everybody wins, nobody wins.

Hence our foundational principles of fairness, balance and, quality.

For our affiliates, we know there are thousands of offers out there and that you're often left to sort through the confusion, hoping to find the diamonds in the rough. Our emphasis is on bringing you only quality offers that convert, and this will not be compromised. This saves you time to get back to the business of running your website.

To ensure the quality of our promotions we work closely with our advertisers, evaluating their creatives and landing pages, so that interested visitors sent will convert into leads. Promotions are designed with performance in mind and will always be fairly priced. We have turned down many advertisers who we felt cared more about getting "free branding" than quality leads.

For our advertisers, in order to ensure that all those who are involved get a high level of quality, we have a rigorous screening process for all publishers who apply to join the network. Maintaining high publisher standards enables us to bring you better quality while reducing valuable administration time.

Success with targeted CPA involves making sure that the right offers are placed on the right types of inventory. We work with our advertisers and publishers to optimize each campaign so that it generates the best ROI possible. As a result, superior customer support becomes more important. We pride ourselves on our support, and work to fulfill the needs of all our clients.

We feel that the steps we take to bring you a quality-based network are unprecedented. It is our sincere intention to continue redefining the CPA market and upholding the standard we set the day we started.

With a philosophy like that - everyone wins.
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